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A Brief History

The RSVPAmerica Campaign calls attention to the root cause of the rising levels of moral decline in America today. In the 1940s, zoologist Dr. Alfred Kinsey turned his research away from studying gall wasps to focus on human sexual behavior, culminating in the 1948 publication of Sexual Behavior and the Human Male. With this volume and its successors, Kinsey became the go-to authority for the “science” of sex, and is largely credited with triggering the Sexual Revolution. Despite his widespread influence and authority, the basis for Kinsey’s research was “junk science.” Kinsey conducted his research using men in respected white coats who fraudulently gathered data by soliciting, interviewing, and observing participants in every imaginable sort of sexual couplings. A Former Director of the Kinsey Institute later admitted that those respectable researchers were no less than male homosexual child molesters. The scientific moorings of America’s now prevailing sexual pedagogy and law order, developed initially by a gall wasp specialist, can be shown to be built upon fraud and brutal, criminal child abuse.

Although Kinsey’s research had been debunked, the results of his findings had long-lasting and overarching effects. Laws had been changed in nearly every state, eliminating protections for women and children across the nation. Such vast changes to the law were made possible by the American Law Institute’s Model Penal Code, using Kinsey’s data to implement widespread policy reform. The Model Penal Code was instrumental in the deconstruction of law, medicine, education, the Church, and the military, thereby affecting the overall moral fortitude of all other fields within our society.

For over 15 years, RSVPAmerica has campaigned to reverse this deconstruction and to rebuild our societal foundation of virtue and purity. This website marks the next chapter for RSVPAmerica, particularly for the next generation. Featuring our work to restore social virtue and purity to America, this website contains vital resources and information that are critical in continuing our mission. We welcome your support and participation in restoring our marriages, families, towns, and nation for a better tomorrow.