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A Report from Eunice V. Ray, Founder

The RSVPAmerica Campaign officially began as a ladies’ march on the steps of the Capitol in Washington, D.C., in 1997, after 3 years of previous planning. The campaign was ignited by Robert Knight’s Family Research Council 1994 documentary, “The Children of Table 34.” Bob’s video story detailed Dr. Kinsey’s collaboration with “trained observers” who engaged in “sexual experimentation” on babies and children, which he called “scientific” research into human sexuality in his first volume. The Family Research video took its title from the actual “Table 34,” on page 181 of Kinsey’s Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, his first volume of sex research published in 1948.

RSVPAmerica formed a ladies’ campaign to warning parents of Kinsey’s destructive ongoing legacy for children today and enlisted the help of Concerned Women for America (CWA), where I spoke to their National Leadership Conference in Dallas, Texas during the spring of 1997.

To guide parents, we published the RSVPAmerica Parents’ Training Manual and distributed it nationally. We went to national and state leaders in Government, Education, Medicine, the Church and Law and briefed them on the pervasive Kinseyan “junk science” in their fields and a 1953-54 Congressional Committee’s finding that:

…the Foundation sponsored Kinsey Report were deliberately designed
as an attack on Judaic-Christian morality.
Rene Wormser, The Foundations: Their Power and Influence (1957)

In December of 1995, with 48 co-sponsors in the US House of Representatives, RSVPAmerica led women from across the country to Washington, D.C., and called for an investigation into The Kinsey Reports destructive impact on women and children.
Astonishingly, the mere announcement of a Congressional inquiry into Kinsey received a world-wide media response because the fraudulent Kinseyan sexuality model is THE World’s view of human sexuality.

Coincidentally to the work in Washington, RSVPAmerica also briefed state legislators in all 50 states on how The Kinsey Reports were the scientific authority use to degrade once protective American criminal laws in favor of predators and generally permit a “Sexual Revolution” in all of America’s institutions beginning in the 1960s, which became known as a time of “sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.”

The research undertaken by RSVPAmerica needs to be made available online and in physical form. Today, the collection represents an extensive archive of historical books, materials, news accounts, published papers, including government records from 37 states. There are essays, White Papers, books, national media reports, video clips and other documents published over the years for a variety of audiences. A partial list is attached here at the end of this letter.

Over the next two years, the work of the RSVPAmerica Campaign (which was to mark the 50th anniversary of The Kinsey Reports and assess its impact upon our national life), needs to be summarized and archived by subject matter on just how Kinsey’s junk science was used to corrupt Law, Education, and Medicine in America and across the World.

The publication of this summary along with the many other RSVPAmerica publications and the important and wide ranging archive collected over nearly 20 years needs to be made available online. We would also like to print and distribute the summary of law changes and an annotated bibliography, if funds are available. The collection and archive, online giving, and worldwide access to publications need to be accomplished now, while those who conducted the research and the RSVPAmerica Campaign, (like the invaluable and irreplaceable Dr. Linda Jeffrey), are still available and active.

This project is necessary to memorialize hard won research findings, authorities, and information for those worldwide who are working today and will come after us. Not only was America deceived, but also the Third World as well who suffer under the corrupting Kinsey “culture of death” frauds posing as science. We have researched the questions and the answers for those across the World who are willing to stand in the breach, as we have done over the last nearly 20 years. The RSVPAmerica Campaign summary and archive of well documented essays defines the problem and then we make concrete suggestions for solutions.

Finally, despite The Kinsey Reports’ intention to focus on sexual mechanics and perversions, the most damaging impact was using The Kinsey Reports to change and abolish American common laws to permit and “point the way” to such abuses. The national mass media of the mid twentieth century favorably reviewed and promoted The Kinsey Reports and major Law Review publications called for widespread “science-based legal reform” in every state to abolish the “archaic” common law Christian principles at the foundation of each state’s criminal code.

RSVPAmerica intends to make it possible, for those whose heart is tender, to restore God’s law and make it honorable again (Isaiah 42) in America, to find the Truth about this matter; to find support; and encouragement in the fight via the body of historic information God has revealed to us. Then the World, because of America’s God given leadership position in the World, will receive Godly leadership exported from America instead of the large import of Kinsey’s corruption sent from American shores. We appreciate your prayerful support.

Eunice Van Winkle Ray,
RSVPAmerica Founder & National Coordinator